Welcome to Mery Keem's wholesale soriée! Thanks so much for your interest in becoming one of our partners. Below is a synopsis of all the most commonly asked questions we get from new partners but if you have one that isn't listed, please shoot me an email at merykeem(at)gmail.com.

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Ordering Process
You can download our current wholesale catalog right here. Make sure, before placing your order with us, always checking our catalog, since we may add new items or have new sales.
If you would like to place an order right away, you can use our online order form right here. You can also place an order by email merykeem(at)gmail.com

Right now we have a shipping sale!
For Unites States of America we have 70% discount EMS shipping method.
For Australia we have 30% discount EMS shipping method.

Shipping Reimbursement
If the shipping cost was less what you have paid. We reimburse the extra money or have it as credit for your next purchase. It is up to our wholesale customer's decision.